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Hello From Sam

A FREE Event Sustainability Carbon Measurement Tool

Welcome to the first stage of the creation and development of the SAM WEBapp. SAM will be free to use for everyone as we all endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint within events. One of the best features is you can send delegates a link to measure their own travel that will then be added to your event carbon out put.

We want to get everyone's contribution and input, so this is a BETA version for you to try out, explore and feedback suggestions.

We also want to emphasise that this is stage one which is very simple. But as we all know we need to start somewhere. From feedback and further research, SAM will evolve into a truly comprehensive tool to help us move towards NetZero in events as quickly as we can. SAM was created for the industry by the industry.

Why the bubbles?

Whilst we know it is important to measure carbon, we don't want you to be scared. It's not just about carbon, it's about the triple bottom line.

As you enter the data for your event, carbon bubbles will expand and decrease depending on your carbon event footprint. At the end, you will have a score per event. Remember to send your delegates the travel event link on your event information page so they can feed into your event score.